@faithmight and @nictrades posted a link to this video today.  Pretty much anything with Mark Douglas in it is going to be good for traders.  His book Trading in the zone has got to be one of the best books I have read on trader psychology.  One of the quickest ways I can tell if a trader is a newbie, is if he or she is focused on entries and exits.  If a trader is talking psychology or risk management, then and only then do I know they have some real and valuable trading time under their belt.  If you haven’t found yourself as a trader in a place where you question your existence and what past conditioning has put you in the place where you are facing the market at a given time, you have not been trading long enough.  Psychology is in contention with risk management to be the most important component of a trader’s arsenal.  Entries and exits are easily behind either of these.  If you have not read Mark Douglas’ book, watch this interview and then go buy the book.



  1. Mark Douglas – Mind over market interview http://t.co/xtm6gR0xWf