These are just some thoughts about how I want to approach 2013.

The moment you understand that life is not homogeneous but rather eclectic in nature, you will not be surprised when it presents you with a happy place, a sad place, or anywhere in between. After working through the experiment of life for a few cycles of the earth around the sun, I have just about concluded that true happiness is about coming to terms with the fact that “being happy” is just a component of happiness.

Being happy is often confused with happiness. Being happy is a state. Happiness is a journey. True happiness is understanding what Ecclesiastes understood: there is a time for everything. When it’s time to be happy, be happy. When its time to be sad, be sad. Absorb them all into your character. If you pursue being happy rather than happiness, you set yourself up for spending large portions of your life frustrated. I can guarantee you will not be happy all the time. Understanding the eb and flow of life is the key to happiness. If you know that even the most difficult of times are a part of your life and that your pain is normal, you can experience happiness knowing that this pain is going to add and enrich your character. It will prepare and mature you. It will make you much more valuable to the universe because you will then have more to contribute to those around you.

This is exactly the hidden message behind Paul’s letter to the Romans, “And we know that God causes all things to work together for good to those who love God…”. The message is: its ok. Don’t worry. Live it. Experience the hurt and the pain knowing that in the end it will work out for good. You don’t have to see or know how the process will work for your good, just make sure you love God. You will be a better person for yourself and for those with whom you make contact while on your journey.

This year I intend to live, be free, and pursue happiness. You are welcome to join in.

Thanks for playing.



  1. 2013: Alive, free, and in the pursuit of happiness