Greece to issue 1.0 bln euros of 6-month T-bills Oct 11


TREASURIES-30Y bonds fall 1 point before US payrolls data


Tokyo Approves Details of Reconstruction Budget


Spanish voters ready to swing to the right


DealBook: Moody’s Downgrades 12 British Banks


The IMF sounds a bit of warning on Australia, saying the RBA may need to continue hiking rates to fight inflation even as slowing world economic growth cuts demand for commodities. The country is also particularly vulnerable to financial tumult as its banks are heavily reliant on overseas funding.


Though housing prices in some Chinese markets have soared to jaw-dropping levels, China’s housing bubble may be tamer in some respects than the one that hit the U.S. Chinese home buyers typically put down at least 40% of a home’s purchase price, and the country’s household debt to GDP ratio is less than 1/5 the U.S. level. (previously)


Increasing labor costs in China could lead to the creation of 3M jobs in the U.S. by 2020 due to a “re-shoring” of manufacturing, a study from Boston Consulting (.pdf) predicts. The trend could also cut the soaring trade deficit with China, which hit $273B in 2010.


Berlin, Paris at odds on bank recaps-German source


Japan’s Central Bank Sounds Warning on Global Economy


ATP, Denmark’s largest pension fund, is no longer accepting French and Italian sovereign debt as collateral in swap agreements. “We put ourselves in a position where we only receive the very highest quality collateral,” says the fund’s CEO. At some point, more heavy lifting from the ECB and/or the rescue fund seems assured.


Franc Still Threatens Swiss Firms


Germany will defend euro- econ min Roesler


UPDATE 1-Political division clouds EU bid to aid banks


Breakingviews: UK should play ball in EU bank recap exercise(Video)


China’s Land Sales Skyrocket 6,700-fold in 21 Years


Greece-troika talks not over, hope to end soon-IMF