History is a gallery of pictures in which there are few originals and many copies.
Alexis de Tocqueville


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The US is always backing the wrong guy

Yesterday I happened upon a “twitversation” between two respectable men in twitterdom (sorry couldn’t help myself).  The conversation seemed to be a lament about the way the United States always backed the wrong dictators in other parts of the world while at the same time preaching democracy.  A superficial view of history would seem to validate this point.  In fact the logical consequence of this view is the cane that terrorist organizations lean on to somehow justify their methods.  This is probably the main reason that I was stirred to externalize some of my thoughts on the subject.  I realize that I may offend some.  If I do, please know that I do not purposely intend to offend.  There is an old saying that I have learned to apply in my life:  I accept truth from wherever it comes.  If you can find some truth within my thoughts, then I ask of you to take it with you.  All else you may leave behind along with some forgiveness, I would ask.

I was brave enough to interrupt the gentlemen’s conversation and interject that the US always backs the wrong horse in those countries because the right horse for everyone does not exist.  Every leader by definition is going to be the wrong horse to someone.  Thus, whoever the US backs it is sure to reap the ire of many and the thankfulness of some.  The reason that the US backs so many dictators while preaching democracy is that the choices in those parts of the world are rarely between democracy and dictatorship:  they are between dictator 1, 2 or 3.  In some cases it is between dictator 1, 2 and the dictator that will make it look like there is a democracy.  I just thought the comments were an echo of a lot of anti-US propaganda that finds easy ears to fall upon.

Sounds a lot like Iran

I overheard some folks mention that the Egypt issues sound a lot like Iran back in the days of the Khomeini uprising.  I have to agree with this point of view.  A few weeks ago I heard this sensationalistic fund manager mention something that I thought was interesting.  I will have to ask forgiveness because I don’t have the source to quote or reference.  Anyway this manager mentioned that Iran was working hard at surrounding Saudi Arabia and that they had every intention of cornering the Saudi kingdom into a place where Iran could take over that region.  At the time he listed how that Iran was backing Yemen rebels and he mentioned point by point how they were surrounding the Saudi kingdom.  I can say that at the time it made sense to me, and today it makes even more sense.  With Hezbollah backed by Iran making a move on Lebanon, Egypt moving in the direction it is, and all the other unrest in Muslim parts of the world I would not be surprised to find out that there is a concerted effort to gain control of Oil reserves by the Iranians (or as they were known before: the Persians).  I’d keep my eye on Oil and the dwindling American disposable income.

Chicago style

I may have mentioned this in the past, but the whole Rahm Emmanuel thing in Chicago reminded me of a conversation I had with a good friend of mine that was deeply involved in national politics in Mexico.  Without naming names, he was very involved in the major party that held control of the country for over 80 years.  It was impressive how they always “won” all the democratic elections for a consecutive 80 years.  Anyway, this friend of mine told me how the ruling party would send their up and coming to learn and train on how to “win” elections to Chicago.  I am not kidding.  Chicago was the training ground for a lot of Mexican politics back in the hay-day of the ruling party.  So in my mind anything coming out of Chicago politics is basically polished Mexican politics, and thus untrusted.  Sorry Rahm and Obama.

OK. That’s enough ranting for now.  I had these two things on my chest and now you have the opportunity to counter.  Make sure you comment below.  All points of view are accepted as long as they are made with civility.  I wish everyone a great weekend.

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