Off the charts possibility
No Limits

Maybe I’m on an emotional high.  Maybe I’m in sync with the universe.  Maybe I’m just lucky.  In either case I want to share with you a concept that I am convinced is true more and more each day:  You are the only one that can place a limit on what you can accomplish in the markets.

I believe that if you think 24% annual returns on your money are exceptional, then you are right.  If you think that a fund manager that produces 60% annual returns is the absolute pinaccle of what can be accomplished, then you are right.  I also believe that if you think the market is capable of giving you 24-60% returns a month, you would also be right.  Sure the amount of capital you have, the amount of movement in the market, and the precision of your trades will establish some limits for you, but you can’t deny that the market is able to produce much more than you have been willing to accept.
Why the heck am I saying this?  Well I’m glad you asked.
For a long time I have been striving for the 20 pips a day that I was sold by someone while I traveled the road to learning how to trade the Forex market.  I saw the chart that shows you how 20 pips a day can turn one thousand dollars into one million in a short time.  Do you want to know what I think?  I think it is possible and can be done.  In fact I say that this is a limited approach.  Why 20 pips?  Why not 100 pips a day?  Don’t limit yourself.
I have a quick question for those of you who are successfully trading the Forex market.  Before you ever entered the foreign exchange market, what did you consider an acceptable return for your investment, 8% or 12% per year?  Do you still think that is an acceptable rate of return?  I know I don’t.  Let me challenge you to take the limits off of yourself.  Believe that there is more out there.
I did this.  I actually did a corny thing.  I went out and bought a course by Anthony Robbins the motivation guy.  I will not link to the course I bought so that you don’t think I’m just selling his course.  I want you to really take what I’m saying seriously.  After listening to his motivational course and putting it into action, I have had an incredible clarity of the market and consequently an impressive increase in profits.  On a typical week I would make between eighty and one hundred pips.  Some weeks I would lose eighty to one hundred pips.  By just believing and opening my eyes to make sure I am open to see what is available to me I have been able to produce four hundred pips or more on a weekly basis.  This is why I am convinced that we are the ones that limit ourselves.
My friend, I am declaring myself a limit free zone.  I am an unlimited being.  I live in unlimitedness.  Come join me and let’s do extraordinary things together.
(I think we can classify this one as a happy rant!).