Througout the week as I scan the net, I come across some interesting sites that have what I consider to be good information.  I intend to post these towards the end of the week so that we can all have some educational and entertainment material for those Saturday or Sunday mornings.

If I ever post a link to a site where we are compensated somehow, I will always point that out.  So, you should be able to click with confidence.  Here they are:

A couple of good free webinars from on Gold, Oil and 5 Mistakes you don’t want to make.

A great resource page full of some good article on trading. I am partial to Fibonacci, so pay attention to them

This guy Brett Steenbarger has a weekly post that I like to veiw on Saturdays to do some weekend reading.

There are some good complete courses here that Raghee Horner recorded for  Make sure you see the one on Fibonacci.  They are all good.

Make sure you check out my resources page for books and courses that I have personally used to learn what I know about the markets. (When you click on the links in that page and purchase something, you help support the website).

Have a great weekend.  See you Monday. Happy pipping!